Perils of not having medical insurance!

Disasters have a nasty propensity of striking when they are the least expected. By nature we are complacent and become active only when it is called for. But the days of complacence are passé, in order to leave a peaceful life we got to be proactive in securing ourselves and our loved ones by pre-empting the impending disasters. One of the best ways in which you can accomplish this feat is by securing for you a cover of medical insurance.

Some may say that medical insurance is not indispensible. They prove their point with various obscure logics and the take-away point would always revolve around the cost of insurance versus its benefits.

Let’s look at the cost, which nominally would have to be incurred by person who refuses to get medical insurance cover.

When an unfortunate event happens, it may lead to two distinct possibilities namely:

Loss of income

Being hospitalized


When you meet with an accident, while walking around the street or at work, the first casualty is your inability to continue your work. This leads to loss of income which further results in the straining of your financial reserves that you may have to deploy to pass through this phase.

The second casualty will be that you my have to be hospitalized for treatment. If the injuries are serious then the uncertainty will be bigger. Hospitalization is expensive with the rising cost of medical treatment, drugs and specialty treatment. This will have to be taken care of by the family themselves; this will further compound the situation.

Now consider if you have a medical insurance that will pay for your hospitalization, prescription drugs, specialty doctor fee and all the other peripheral expenses associated with your treatment; all this in lieu of a small periodic amount known as premium. Medical insurance wins hands down.



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